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October 25, 2011

Susan and I ran Albuquerque’s marathon yesterday. All in all it went fantastic. Susan ended up running a 4:18 and i finished in 3:36. It was really rewarding to train and work towards the race and then complete it. I was hoping to run a 330, but i’ll take it. The weather was great the course was scenic. Maybe the only disappointing thing was the lack of costumes. The only real costume i saw was a guy wearing spock ears and penciled on vulcan eyebrows. No one running in chicken suits, or prom dresses. Today both of us are  sore.  Really  Sore.

Related to running….here’s a really funny post on running ultra marathons. (warning, maybe not work safe, some swearing). maybe next year i’ll find  an ultra marathon to run.

In the mean time though next up for me, in just under 2 weeks i’ll be riding in a 25 hour mt bike race, solo.  I was going to do the race with a team of 3 other people, but they all bailed, and i really don’t want to miss it.  24 hour races are held on 10-20 mile loops  and riders just complete as many laps as they can in 24 hours.