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home roast.

February 16, 2011

Susan and i have take recently to roasting our own coffee. It all when  a neighbor described how he had been roasting his own coffee with great success. After a  little research on the world wide internets and a 30 dollar investment in an air popcorn popper we started roasting our own coffee also. Turns out all you need to roast coffee at home is an air popcorn popper and a collendar.  It takes about 5 min. to roast 1 cup of beans and as a plus green coffee is about 1/2 the price of roasted.

heres a video showing how to home roast

here’s the popcorn popper we bought

here’s the place we bought our first green coffee


ps. if you’re thinking of also home roasting, Susan and i have had better luck with roasting outside with out the plastic cover on the popcorn popper, it gets a little smoky inside, the smoke alarm never went off, but i thought it might. Also the plastic cover gets really hot and only serves to contain the chaff, but when roasting outside the chaff can fly around without concern


thoughts on dying

February 1, 2011

There was an article last week in the times about a project going on at the hospital where i work.

the article talks some about perceptions in the Navajo community about death and a program to try to get elders in the community to make end of life plans, advance directives. The article deals some with cultural aspects of the Navajo community, but i think more it gets at human concerns related to death and dying.

A part of medicine that is frequently overlooked is that of death. I believe there is much more the health care system could do to help people with end of life planning.  If you’re interested, a palliative care physician who speaks and writes very eloquently on this topic is ira byock.