sky city thoughts

a few more thoughts on Sky city.

As a tourist going to acoma pueblo, the idea of finding  mesa-top village that is still like it was before white people arrived on the continent is very romantic. The reality of acoma and many other american indian communities though is much more complicated and i would argue more interesting. Creating or pretending that the  village is like it was 1600 would be a farce or would be more akin to making some kind of theme park like Willamsberg complete with actors.

Acoma did not feel like a community trying to turn back the clock but rather a community working to sustain their culture while still living in 2010 in the united states. As a tourist i am ignorant to  the politics and history of the decision making with in the community, but as i walked through parts of the pubelo i noticed that the community has made consious decisions to not adopt certain technologies but has accpted other “luxuries”

For instance, the community has chosen to eschew running water and electricity, however they have begun to use construction products from home depot( screen doors, and mass produced windows). I imagine human waste was previously thrown off the Mesa, now however  plastic port-a potties handle the human waste.  They have chosen not to pave the roads in the pueblo but people drive there cars to their houses. Tourists are permitted  into the community but only to certain sections and only with a guide.

Coming to acoma with the hope of finding some kind of indian-disneyland would leave you perhaps feeling like the spanish looking for cities of gold. However if you are in the area and want to instead see a community working on preserving  old traditions and cultures while at the same time  moving forward and accepting the year 2010 in the united states then i would definitely recommend making the trip.



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