superglue and yellow corn pollen

went for a bike ride last Tuesday by myself, fell pretty hard right at the beginning of my ride, hit my head,( thank god for helmets).  knew i got a cut somewhere on my head…couldn’t tell where exactly but it stopped bleeding pretty fast, so i kept riding. When i got home and showered and finally looked at it, thought i should go to the ER to get some stitches. Turns out that stitches are sooo 1990, instead of stitches the doc in the ER just super glued it shut.  check it out  dermabond

Now i have a patch of superglue on my forehead i have to leave on for 2 more days.

Susan asked her class about  what types of  things people collect…i forget why she was asking…anyways in past years kids have responded with things like, stamps, coins, Pokemon cards
This year they responded with
yellow corn pollen, firewood, old trucks, tires, movie tickets.


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