peine’s school

Susan’s first day of school is wednesday. She’s been working hard at making the her new classroom inviting for her new class. As of last week she had either 16 or 18 kids registered. We were able to log in to her school online account and see photos of the students, all seemed quite cute, though what 3rd grader wouldn’t. I can’t wait to hear about them when she meets them on wed.

I uploaded some photos of her school and class here The school seems like a nice place, nice playground, inviting things posted on the wall.  There’s been a new wing added to the school (unfortunatly Susan’s class room is not in that part) I think one of the biggest changes though for susan will be the resources available. Susan left Arlington county, one of the richest school districts in the nation to come to gallup schools. Susan learned that the entire budget for supplies for the school for the entire year was 9,000.

more statistics about her new school district to come.


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