thunder and lightning

Its been thunder storming here now for 10 days. Every day we get some hard rain, and lots of lightning.
The storms are remarkably localized, Its often possible to see entire storms in the distance, both sides of the rain and the thunderhead clouds. Its not uncommon for it to be storming just a short distance away while not raining where i’m standing. Its also common for the sky to become quite dark and ominous looking for hours on end but have no rain come.
Because of this unpredictability Susan and i decided to try and go for a run with pepper yesterday at 730pm. the sky had been rather dark for several hours, being unsure if the storm was coming our way we decided to chance it. We guessed wrong. We made it back with out incident and dry, barely. during the run there was some pretty intense lightning that kept getting really REALLY close, which kept us cringing and kept our pace up. Rather Scary.

the thunderstorms are impressive, i have to say though i am getting a little tired of the mud. all the rain makes the trail a muddy muddy slog. the rain also turns our backyard into a pigpen for a certain black dog.


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