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August 29, 2010


superglue and yellow corn pollen

August 27, 2010

went for a bike ride last Tuesday by myself, fell pretty hard right at the beginning of my ride, hit my head,( thank god for helmets).  knew i got a cut somewhere on my head…couldn’t tell where exactly but it stopped bleeding pretty fast, so i kept riding. When i got home and showered and finally looked at it, thought i should go to the ER to get some stitches. Turns out that stitches are sooo 1990, instead of stitches the doc in the ER just super glued it shut.  check it out  dermabond

Now i have a patch of superglue on my forehead i have to leave on for 2 more days.

Susan asked her class about  what types of  things people collect…i forget why she was asking…anyways in past years kids have responded with things like, stamps, coins, Pokemon cards
This year they responded with
yellow corn pollen, firewood, old trucks, tires, movie tickets.

Only hold on to what you need to get by today and share the rest with everyone else.

August 17, 2010

Last weekend Susan and i went to the inter-tribal ceremonial that is held in Gallup every year.

Nations of native Americans from all over the country come to dance and celebrate. We didn’t make it to the rodeo, but there was a pretty good parade. Dance performances and a competition powwow. In the powwow different types of songs and dancing were held and judges observed and ranked both the drummers and dancers.

During the powwow the MC told a story about the winner of the 50/50 raffle. I can’t do justice to the story in retelling it, but  the gist was that the winner had no money, ran out of gas on the way here, but now had won the 75$ 50/50 raffle.

The MC went on to say that this story  was proof of what his parents had always told him. Only hold on to what you need to get by today and share the rest with everyone else.

peine’s school

August 16, 2010

Susan’s first day of school is wednesday. She’s been working hard at making the her new classroom inviting for her new class. As of last week she had either 16 or 18 kids registered. We were able to log in to her school online account and see photos of the students, all seemed quite cute, though what 3rd grader wouldn’t. I can’t wait to hear about them when she meets them on wed.

I uploaded some photos of her school and class here The school seems like a nice place, nice playground, inviting things posted on the wall.  There’s been a new wing added to the school (unfortunatly Susan’s class room is not in that part) I think one of the biggest changes though for susan will be the resources available. Susan left Arlington county, one of the richest school districts in the nation to come to gallup schools. Susan learned that the entire budget for supplies for the school for the entire year was 9,000.

more statistics about her new school district to come.

flowing data

August 10, 2010

if you don’t follow flowing data…you should.

Flowing data is a site that compiles interesting graphics..

the link above is the best of july…highlights include the searing periodic table and the beatles over time by hair cut


August 8, 2010

went climbing today.
got in some good climbs,
had to boogie at the end to wrap things up in order to beat a big thunderstorm

thunder and lightning

August 4, 2010

Its been thunder storming here now for 10 days. Every day we get some hard rain, and lots of lightning.
The storms are remarkably localized, Its often possible to see entire storms in the distance, both sides of the rain and the thunderhead clouds. Its not uncommon for it to be storming just a short distance away while not raining where i’m standing. Its also common for the sky to become quite dark and ominous looking for hours on end but have no rain come.
Because of this unpredictability Susan and i decided to try and go for a run with pepper yesterday at 730pm. the sky had been rather dark for several hours, being unsure if the storm was coming our way we decided to chance it. We guessed wrong. We made it back with out incident and dry, barely. during the run there was some pretty intense lightning that kept getting really REALLY close, which kept us cringing and kept our pace up. Rather Scary.

the thunderstorms are impressive, i have to say though i am getting a little tired of the mud. all the rain makes the trail a muddy muddy slog. the rain also turns our backyard into a pigpen for a certain black dog.


August 1, 2010

i don’t know what happened, but its been raining everyday for the last week. it didn’t rain at all for the first month and half, now its raining everyday.

Pepper looks like a swamp monster.
the weeds in the back yard are now 3 feet in places.