Bike ride

This weekend i went on a bike ride from Crystal up and over the Narabona Pass and down into Sheep Springs then back again.  The change in the vegetation during the ride was pretty incredible.  Crystal at 7500 feet  is a little higher in elevation then i am here in ft defiance, and as a result is a little greener, and has  decent sized trees.  By the time i got to the though pass at 8800 feet the scenery was quite different, there were running streams, big pine trees and alpine-like meadows. Dropping down the other side,  Sheep Springs which is just 11 miles from the pass sits at  just under 6000 ft, but being lower in elevation and sitting on the western side of the mountain,  has  almost  no vegetation. The temperature in Sheep Springs was also a lot higher  the terrain was truly desert like. The map above does a nice job showing how incredible the  contrast from one side to another really is.


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