one week left, almost.

Just over a week till the wedding. I’m more excited to have Susan join me out here than i have been about anything i can remember for a long long time.

Cant wait for hiking trips, and mt. biking, and breakfasts together, and star watching, and walks with Pepper.

In my last week of being a bachelor i have been doing lots of good bachelor things like world cup watching and internet surfing. In my research on the internets i have come up with may ideas i hope to incorporate next week. Ideas such as this.

i have also been doing some online bike shopping….Susan and i plan to add 2 new bikes to are arsonal soon. At least once a day i have someone tell me how sweet the mt. biking is. Its getting to the point where i’m getting sick of hearing aoubt it. here are some brands i’ve been considering.

Gunnar,    surlyniner.

in closing…..tonight…here’s a photo of a prickly pear near my house


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