getting settled and trading off

I’m slowly getting settled out here. getting used to some of the details of the place.

living at 7500 ft. means i’m a lot higher than when many things are packaged

which means yogurt cartons are extra pressurized due to the increase in elevation meaning they pop and spray a little yogurt when you open them.

which means Tylenol bottles are pressurized so that the bottoms are convex making them rock and tilt when placed on the counter.

there’s not much in the way of traffic or noise at night. No helicopters or ice cream trucks circling my house.(no chicken bones all over the street either)  but then there’s not much in the way of farmers market type fresh food and not much in the way of good restaurants close and  my family isn’t close by either

the weather here so far anyway is fantastic, chilly in the morning and nice and sunny during the day and no humidity, hard to stress how great the last point is, among other things it means chips and cereal doesnt get mushy in the cabnet. But then it also means that it doesn’t rain so much which means not so much green stuff and lots of dust that Pepper the wonder-dog rolls around in and tracks all over the house.

like everything its a trade off, definitely some great things, but also for sure things i miss.


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