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July 26, 2010

Susan and I were talking at dinner tonight.
Talking about the end of the last school year. Susan shared how as she was cleaning out her classroom some of her former students became obsessed with scrubbing and cleaning different parts of the classroom, students who she otherwise wouldn’t have expected to be interested in helping.

The story reminded me of other conversations i had previously with Sherwin about the idea of making things clean and new. There are so many parts of our lives that are difficult and impossible to clean and make new. It feels so reassuring to be able to scrub some dirt away, repaint a wall, to make some little part of our lives clean and new.

-Nick and Susan


home again home again

July 26, 2010

jiggity jig.

We made it home. So nice to be home, in our own house. Together.
Making and eating dinner together, washing our clothes together, going for evening walks, planning what movies to watch in the future, all simple things that are so very nice.
Now we just need to get Pepper, who is wrapping up a stint at doggy boot camp ( i can’t believe i just wrote that)

On the Road

July 24, 2010

We got married on July 16th. (everything went faboo, some photos can be seen here)

So far so good.

We’re in route to Ft. Defiance.

Highlights of the trip so far include.

Mammoth Cave(great local guide on the cave tour)
Graceland ( a little creepy)
Cabin in the Ozarks (squeaky screen door, loud bugs, big snake on the road)
Dallas (good visit with the babies, good BBQ in oklahoma)
Carlsbad (more cave time, BATS and MORE BATS)

photos from the trip so far


Bike ride

July 12, 2010

This weekend i went on a bike ride from Crystal up and over the Narabona Pass and down into Sheep Springs then back again.  The change in the vegetation during the ride was pretty incredible.  Crystal at 7500 feet  is a little higher in elevation then i am here in ft defiance, and as a result is a little greener, and has  decent sized trees.  By the time i got to the though pass at 8800 feet the scenery was quite different, there were running streams, big pine trees and alpine-like meadows. Dropping down the other side,  Sheep Springs which is just 11 miles from the pass sits at  just under 6000 ft, but being lower in elevation and sitting on the western side of the mountain,  has  almost  no vegetation. The temperature in Sheep Springs was also a lot higher  the terrain was truly desert like. The map above does a nice job showing how incredible the  contrast from one side to another really is.


July 9, 2010

Some things I can learn by doing once, other things it takes several tries and still others take me years.
An example of a one time lesson: if I repot a plant and fill the new pot up to the top with dirt when I water it, water and dirt will cascade over the edge all over the floor.

A several time lesson. If I snuggle with pepper the pony on the couch, when I leave he will think the couch is his bed and sleep all day on it.

A several year lesson: when things and people at work aren’t exactly like I envision/expect/hope it’s important not to take it personal…strictly business.

Ps. Wedding in one week.

Pps. Here’s a photo of pepper who learns every day he loves playing with his stuffed bunny

one week left, almost.

July 8, 2010

Just over a week till the wedding. I’m more excited to have Susan join me out here than i have been about anything i can remember for a long long time.

Cant wait for hiking trips, and mt. biking, and breakfasts together, and star watching, and walks with Pepper.

In my last week of being a bachelor i have been doing lots of good bachelor things like world cup watching and internet surfing. In my research on the internets i have come up with may ideas i hope to incorporate next week. Ideas such as this.

i have also been doing some online bike shopping….Susan and i plan to add 2 new bikes to are arsonal soon. At least once a day i have someone tell me how sweet the mt. biking is. Its getting to the point where i’m getting sick of hearing aoubt it. here are some brands i’ve been considering.

Gunnar,    surlyniner.

in closing…..tonight…here’s a photo of a prickly pear near my house

getting settled and trading off

July 1, 2010

I’m slowly getting settled out here. getting used to some of the details of the place.

living at 7500 ft. means i’m a lot higher than when many things are packaged

which means yogurt cartons are extra pressurized due to the increase in elevation meaning they pop and spray a little yogurt when you open them.

which means Tylenol bottles are pressurized so that the bottoms are convex making them rock and tilt when placed on the counter.

there’s not much in the way of traffic or noise at night. No helicopters or ice cream trucks circling my house.(no chicken bones all over the street either)  but then there’s not much in the way of farmers market type fresh food and not much in the way of good restaurants close and  my family isn’t close by either

the weather here so far anyway is fantastic, chilly in the morning and nice and sunny during the day and no humidity, hard to stress how great the last point is, among other things it means chips and cereal doesnt get mushy in the cabnet. But then it also means that it doesn’t rain so much which means not so much green stuff and lots of dust that Pepper the wonder-dog rolls around in and tracks all over the house.

like everything its a trade off, definitely some great things, but also for sure things i miss.