high and dry

thats no lizard

Its dry here. I guess maybe i don’t need to say that. The title of this blog after all is “thehighdesert”

its more then the lack of rain. The air is dry, no humidity. Overall i love it. but it makes for dry scally, ashy skin. In Baltimore kids would make fun of one another for having  of “ashy” skin. I learned this weekend that Navajo’s have a similar word, forgot what it is, but it seems its used in a similar way.

In addition to adjusting to the dryness, getting used to the altitude.  Ft. Defiance, where i am living sits at 6836 feet.  i’ve been here now almost 3 weeks. Still going for runs is punishing. Could be i’m still just out of shape, i feel much better though blaming it on the elevation.

In terms of getting back into shape,  the area will be great for doing it. Saturday i rode to a nearby town of crystal, the road was  well maintained all the way there, good shoulders most of the way there, and simply striking scenery, these photos are taken from the road i was on most of the time. Though my experience was that it was hotter and dryer then these photos show.

Sunday I went to the local rock climbing spot just to see what it was like. While i was there by chance I met a an incredibly nice guy named Alex and we climbed all afternoon. I can’t find any photos of the spot online, but i’ll take some and post them. Great rock climbing, easy to get to, easy to set up and a lot of variety. I can’t wait to start climbing regularly. Anyone who’s reading this, come visit and we can go climbing.

anyways…things are going well so far, but i cant’ wait till a certain lady named Susan will join me out here…less than a month now. Not much more waiting….


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