whats in a name

i’ve been working as a pharmacist now for 3 days.

things are going ok. i’m slowly learning the computer system and some of the day to day tasks.

i’m slowly learning to pronounce the patients names. After i verify prescriptions i have to stick my head out into the lobby and yell out the patient’s name. i’ve been told twice that i have to say them louder already because the room is kind of big and there are a lot of older patients that no hear so good. There are stereotypical native names like one might hear in a movie, laughingsheep or blackgoat.  The most common names i have encountered are yazzie and begay. Apparently the navajo version of smith. But then there are many others that  are difficult for me to pronounce, names that sound a lot different than names i would encounter in baltimore. Today i callled out a name, in my outside voice, of a patient’s name and added inflections as if the name was polish….the patient was not polish…she  nicely corrected me.


One Response to “whats in a name”

  1. Granny Says:

    Do you remember when Ben worked in the ER at Bayview. They delighted in calling out made up names: Anita Man (I need a man). I don’t remember the names but he had a long list. What can I say — they still remember Ben’s name at Bayview.

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