Tomorow’s the Big Day

Made it to Cortez Colorado today. I’m ready to be done with driving, but i have to say todays drive was the most beautiful. while in all seriousness i do think there is something quite beautiful in the big sky of Kansas, the mountains of colorado are quite striking. The stretch or road south of Salida is one of the most beautiful stretches of road i’ve ever scene, perhaps the roads of patagonia are better, but its close.

tomorrow is the big day, the first day of work, the first day i put on my uniform. I have to say i am a little nervous, nervous to meet my new coworkers, anxious about making a good impression. The last 4 years have been building towards tomorrow.

I am above all ready to get settled. ready to start this next chapter of my life, ready to move in to our new house, ready to have a routine again, ready to begin to explore ft defiance and the surounding areas and ready to have Susan join me.


some photos…..

this first one is actually one i took in argintina, but the drive today made me think back to this stretch of road

on a walk with Pepper in Cortez

an incredible wind farm i drove by in Kansas


the first set of mountains in eastern colorado

pepper playing in the water in Canon City

some ants on some plants

the photos are a little out of order…but Kansas city BBQ lives up to the reputation.


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