numbers and thoughts

Ft. Defiance Hospital size :54 beds

number of pharmacists : 17

number of prescriptions processed every day:~1600

according to the current head of pharmacy, not much of a tobacco problem, but a lot a lot of diabetes.

drive from Ft. Defiance to Gallup: 40 minutes.

Difference in salary if Susan worked on the reservation as a teacher as opposed to  gallup as a teacher:  -13,000

elevation at Ft. defiance: 6,838

yes i”ll wear a uniform every day to work

Beyond the numbers though, what i wonder , which no one seemed to mention so far is  what does the local community think about the hospital? What do they want from the services i’ll be helping to provide? What isn’t working? What is working really well?


One Response to “numbers and thoughts”

  1. granny Says:

    Hospital staff …how many people from the reservation?
    Are all the pharmacists from the outside.?
    Please send comments about the schools you visited, Peine.
    Here we are expecting a snow storm….. starting Friday night into Sunday.

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