at the hospital

I went to the hospital today for the first time.

first impressions were positive again.

the actual facility was very nice and modern. the computers and automation in the hospital and the pharmacy was very impressive.

the staff  in the pharmacy was all very friendly and all had very good things to say about working at Ft. Defiance. There is at present count 17 pharmacists on staff. It seems that i’ll have good people to help me as i figure out what being a pharmacist is really all about once i get out of school .

the housing attached to the hospital that Susan and i could live in was also very modern and pretty  nice (and cheap, 600$ rent for a 2 br). One of the pharmacists took us over and showed us his house. Nice house, though perhaps a little lacking on character, all the houses are exactly the same, everyone goes to work at the hospital at the same time, wearing the same thing. As its closer to moving time, we’ll have to see whether it makes sense for us to live in Gallup or close to the hospital.


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