First impressions

When my family first moved to St Mary’s county Maryland (where i grew up) my dad pulled in to a gas station in Lexington park, the largest town in the county and announced, “we’re here”. My mom then broke down in tears.  Lexington Park was and is rather isolated, rural, and podunk.

Today Peine and I got our first glimpse of Gallup.  Neither of us broke down into tears. Before arriving i was anticipating needing to make the 2.5 hour drive to Albuquerque if  we wanted to get our car fixed, or go to homedepot or go to a movie.  Not So. Gallup seems to have most things that will make our transition from big city east coast life, to the wild high desert west easier than it could be. First impressions so far are good.

While our first impressions are definitely  positive,  tonight sitting at dinner we also reflected that our move will not be easy,  there will be a lot of hard times and no doubt some tears along the way. It will be hard leaving the things we know and like on the east coast, friends, family, local neighborhood spots.  One upshot to the move though is  we can speak and understand the language.  As both of us have previously experienced navigating a new place while not being able to speak the language, i think we are both glad we don’t have to do that first. Who knows we might learn some Navajo,  but its helpful knowing that we wont have to  ask in Navajo where the grocery store is.

Tomorrow I’m going to see the hospital and Peine is going to meet see some schools and meet some principals, no doubt we’ll have more stories then….


3 Responses to “First impressions”

  1. Sarah Says:

    The southwest has its own beauty and sometimes it takes a little time getting used to that beauty. I am glad to hear that your first impression of Gallup didn’t bring either of you to tears. I know that my sister has lived in enough small towns that it shouldn’t be too much of a culture shock for her to move to Gallup. Even though the last fifteen years of her life she’s lived in urban settings. You both have a very positive attitude about your new life adventure and you’ll be amazed at how far that can take you. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

  2. granny Says:

    I remember when Ben first returned to the city after being in the West. We took him to Lexington Street Market for lunch. He was this big tall white guy with a big cowboy hat and boots … he felt very out of place. He had total culture shock and had to go outside. I remember him walking around the parking lot “I can’t take this, I can’t take this, I have to leave” Now he works 3 blocks away and can handle anybody at that market. I guess he still is a cowboy.

  3. John Says:

    New adventures are so important. They will feed your souls as well as your brain. So far, so good. Love you both…Dad

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